We all hate getting sick. It makes us miss work or fun social events. But most of all it makes us feel miserable. So, why not try harder to avoid getting sick in the first place? Here are some tips for boosting your immunity and avoiding illness.

Have good hygiene – Avoiding germs is a great way to avoiding sickness. Washing your hands before eating is very important. Showering every day and keeping your whole body clean is also critical.

Eat colorful meals – The more colors of food in your meals, the wider range of vitamins you will be consuming. This includes vitamin C, which is a very important immune booster.

Drink green or black tea – These types of teas have antioxidants, which fight against germs, reducing your chances of getting sick.

Sleep 8 hours a day – Sleeping more means your body produces more proteins that also fight infection. Any less than 7 hours a night and you are 3 percent more likely to catch a virus. Keeping well rested and your immunity high is very important.

Stay active – Regular exercise helps reduce stress and inflammation and increases the production and circulation of white blood cells. These fight diseases and stop you from getting ill.

Take immune-boosting supplements – Spirulina powder, echinacea, colloidal minerals, and multivitamins all play a big part in helping boost your immune system. They all have significant health benefits and should be part of every adult’s regular health regime.