Many people from around the world visit the United Kingdom for a variety of purposes. People go to the United Kingdom as tourists, students, workers, or for business purposes. Entering the UK requires a valid visa except for some exemptions provided to citizens of certain countries, such as members of European Economic Area. The visa allows you to enter the UK through any route, be it air, land, or sea.

There are different categories of visa depending on the purpose of your visit and the country of your origin. According to the United Kingdom immigration Services, the possession of particular type of visa implies that you have met the conditions prescribed under that category, and you can legally stay in the UK for the prescribed time period under the rules and regulations that apply to that category of visitors. This article tries to explain the visa application process for the benefit of the people who wish to visit UK in the future.

Steps Involved in Applying for UK Visa

There are various steps involved in the visa application process that you must know. First and foremost you have to find out whether you need a visa in the first place, as people of certain nationalities are exempt from obtaining a visa to the UK, such as members of the EEA, Sweden, and Commonwealth Nations. Then, if you need a visa, you have to select the right visa type and complete an online application form. After that, you have to schedule a UK visa appointment and appear for an interview carrying all the necessary documents.

Choosing the Right Visa Type

The type of visa you need to apply for depends on the purpose and duration of your visit as well as your nationality. Documents required for different visa types also vary. Different types of visa are listed below.

  • Tourist Visa: this type of visa is applicable for people who wish to enter UK as a tourist, to visit family and friends, for medical purposes, etc.
  • Transit Visa: if you are travelling through the UK on your way to some other country, you will need a transit visa for your brief stay in the UK.
  • Work Visa: those who wish to work in the UK to earn a living have to obtain a work visa.
  • Student Visa: if you wish to study in the UK you have to apply for student visa. Even here, the visa types differ depending on your age and the course duration.
  • Business Visa: this is for people who wish to start a business in the UK.

Completing the Online Application Form

Once you have chosen the right visa type, you will have to fill an online application form. The form usually asks for your personal details, such as your full name, nationality, marital status, passport details, purpose of visiting UK, and some other information regarding your visit.

Make sure that the information you provide in the application form matches with the information contained in other visa related documents. Any discrepancy may lead to your application being rejected.

Documents Required for Obtaining UK Visa

According to the United Kingdom Immigration Services, documents that need to be submitted when you apply for a UK visa include:

  • Two passport-sized photographs not older than six months.
  • Passport that is valid for at least three months after you planned return.
  • Proof of your financial status to ascertain that you can meet your living cost. This could be in the form of last six months bank statement.
  • Accommodation proof. If you will be staying at a hotel or a hostel you have to make full payment in advance.
  • Travel details giving information about the places you wish to visit and the dates of your visit.
  • Biometric information if your planned stay is for more than six months.

These are the basic requirements for UK visa. There are some additional requirements depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Schedule an Appointment and Appear for the Interview

Make an online visa appointment and appear for the visa interview at the designated time and place. You have to carry with you a printout of the appointment confirmation email and all the necessary documents in original and photocopies. At the interview you will have to provide your biometric information. Everyone who applies for UK visa has to appear for the interview irrespective of your age or the type of visa. Childrens below the age of 18 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Any discrepancy in the in the documents submitted and the information provided can lead to rejection of your visa application. You will be notified of the reasons for the rejection. If you feel that reason given is not justified you have the right to appeal against the decision with the appropriate authority under the United Kingdom Immigration Services rules.

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