All people want to look good, feel great, and be healthy and energetic. To make this possible, you need to play sports. However, for those who have never done this, you need to know how to get started.

As you know, in order to get involved in any habit, we need two to three weeks. That is, by any methods it is necessary to withstand this period. Then it will be easier and you get involved.

When I started to run in the mornings, the first week I also had such a desire to drop everything, sleep and lie in bed, and I thought I could not stand it. My legs hurt all day – they were like cotton. Then in an amazing way everything passed, there was such an ease in my legs and in my whole body that I myself was surprised!

It took about 3 weeks, and I noticed that if I do not run, I just feel worse. Therefore, you need to force yourself to go in for sports and hold out these 2-3 weeks until completely addictive.

5 rules how to start playing sports

  1. Motivate yourself

Search the Internet for some great motivational videos for sports, and when it is hard for you to continue, just grab them and watch them. At least, my desire to play sports was returning.

You can also watch movies about great athletes – they are also very motivated not to quit at the very beginning.

  1. Find a workout partner

If your partner is a person who is also not indifferent to his appearance and health, then the chances of quitting everything will decrease several times

Moreover, if healthy rivalry also arises, it is generally wonderful – you can do it 100 percent. Therefore, a good partner is the key to success.

  1. Refusal of bad habits

In any case, you need to get rid of bad habits, as they interfere with a healthy lifestyle, but if you cannot do it right away because of the holidays there or quit it altogether, then hold on for at least a month.

While your body gets used to new loads, it will enter the rhythm, so to speak. Well, then, perhaps, you will not need these “good” quotation marks habits at all.

  1. Find a trainer

If you have not found a partner for classes, then find yourself an intelligent coach who will monitor the process and will constantly monitor the correctness of your actions. In addition, in injuries or some sprains he will get you compression wraps for betterment. Of course, the ideal option would be to have a good coach and an adequate partner, but often it is hard to do.

  1. Financial incentive

If you work for a fee, then my advice is to pay a subscription to the hall or section of the month for two. A reminder that you will lose your money will be a good incentive not to quit what you started at the very beginning, and then you just get involved in the process.

Yet – constantly remind yourself of what you will gain and what you will get rid of when doing sports.

You get:

Excellent well-being, vitality and energy throughout the day, a beautiful and toned body, self-confidence and many other advantages.

Get rid of:

From lethargy in the body, self-doubt, shortness of breath, bad habits, an ugly and weak body, low self-esteem.