Wait, don’t you know about kraft boxes? Are you serious! Kraft boxes are immensely popular, and numerous businesses use it for the packaging of their commodity.

There are no two ways about the fact that the kraft boxes are giving a new definition to the contemporary wrapping needs of the whole world. Besides, they also add convenience to wrap numerous commodities in the world.


Even though you get ample of choices in the market, such as the cardboard box; however, there are reasons which make kraft boxes the market’s primary choice in the packaging, some of the reasons are:

  • The incredible pine wood makes this box quite easy to use
  • You can recycle the kraft box
  • The box is durable, which prohibits the product from breakage
  • The pine pulp plays a crucial role in producing great quality box
  • It is environment-friendly as everything is completely safe


Since the kraft box is a product of the kraft material; therefore, producers call it a kraft box. It might surprise you, but there is a tremendous increase in the demand for kraft boxes and producers like Dawn Printing are manufacturing to meet the growing demand in every sector. Even though the market has an assortment of kraft boxes in the market, allow me to share some of the favorites with you.


Call it a market trend, but clientele have a strong inclination towards kraft boxes, which makes it the primary choice for packaging the products. Hence, bakers prefer packaging chocolates, cakes, and other tasty treats into the kraft packaging box. Nowadays, there is a massive trend of presenting sweet treats to the near and dear ones on any occasion.

Hence, bakers yearn to design a kraft box to meet customer demand for numerous festivities. Besides, bakers seek kraft boxes on the festivals, such as Christmas, birthday, Eid, new year, and other joyous occasions. So, if you are a passionate baker, then you definitely need a kraft box to make your customers feel extra special.


Haven’t heard of this one? I’m sure you have received this one in any part of life. It is part and parcel of history when people choose wrapping papers to pack presents; today, people use kraft boxes to pack the gifts. Frankly, I love these boxes as they are easy to use; besides, who wants to get into the stress of sheets, cutting, and glue for packing the gift. Nonetheless, whatever is the occasion, the kraft box never fails to impress your loved ones with the perfect packaging.


Surprised! Don’t be, because kraft boxes are making their way in the jewelry business as well. These boxes are getting immensely popular in the jewelry and cosmetic industry as a reliable packaging solution.

Since the product that has direct contact with the skin needs utmost care; therefore,  it’s packaging needs care as a guarantee of the safety of the product. So without a doubt, the kraft box is the foremost choice for packaging jewelry and cosmetic products of daily usage.


Pick out any reliable clothing brand, and you will see cardboard as well as kraft boxes to wrap the products for the customers. Moreover, the footwear brands prefer a white kraft box to pack the shoes for their clientele. However, lose fabric, ties, shirts and other clothing usually get in the kraft paper box.


Last but not least, we have display boxes, which you see in every store and outlet. It is the most common type of kraft box, and every industry is using it to display their items in stores. Since they motivate the customer in the impulsive purchase, every big and small brand is ordering a kraft paper display box for their products.