The product description is the skin and bone of your product. It describes your product and tells about the features and benefits. But you can’t make a mistake by writing it simple. You need to augment the features and combine with keywords so it can rank in search engines quickly.

Everybody isn’t adept in writing a compelling product description. It requires prolific copywriting skills and the art of persuading your audience through the description.

Here, I’ll share five tips that will help to excel your product descriptions on top.

Before you Start 

When you create an eCommerce platform you study the CMS thoroughly before implementing it. For instance, if you’re using Shopify then you need to know what is Shopify. Similarly, every platform follows a different writing style. If you see Amazon, they keep their description to the point that briefly describes the features and clear the air. Whereas covers a detailed description of the product. So, it’s essential that before writing the description, have a complete understanding of the platform on which you’re writing.

Now, Follow these Tips

1. Focus on Buyer 

If you write the description keeping the general crowd in mind, your description will lack the purpose. Do this simple exercise; when you write the description, keep your audience in mind. Imagine that he’s right in front of you and you’re selling the product to him.

Think of the words that will appeal to him the most and include in the description. Instead of saying that this watch is water-proof say, “Wearing this watch you can carelessly dive into the water and witness no harm to it.”

When you target the specific buyer, you’ll come with a description that is relevant to the buyer persona perfectly.

2. Address the Pain Points

Buyers aren’t interested in knowing the features and specifications of the product. They are eager to learn the benefits more. For example, how your product has impacted the consumers? Has it addressed their pain points?

That’s why it’s important to highlight the benefits of the product. It plays a major role in enticing your audience to the product.

Take your product and think about how it boosts happiness and healthiness on your customers. Which problems does it solve? Sell experience instead of the product.

3. Be Specific

The audience isn’t going to believe you if you say your product has made round around the globe. What globe? Which specific region does it work? What was the feedback?

When you say your product serves quality then you need to elaborate the quality. There is a range of e-commerce stores and everybody brags about them. If you choose to be specific and original then trust me, people are going to believe you. Exaggerating your product can also make you to the list of braggers, be conscious.

4. Tell a Tale

Including mini-stories in your product description drives the engagement ratio in it. For example, you can tell who inspired you for this product? What challenges do you overcome for the launch of the product? Or How your product has benefited the consumers?

But remember to keep it short. Storytelling makes the description persuasive and different from the rest of the pack. If everybody is describing the features, specifications, and benefits, then your mini-story is going to do wonders.

5. Show the Proof

You can’t attach the social proof on every product you upload on your e-commerce store. But you can do that on customers-favorite one. Like if you add a review, then adding the head-shot of the person makes the review credible. If any press or media has reviewed your product then also add it under the product.

Sometimes customers are skeptical and they can’t decide whether to buy the product or not. When they’ll see the social proof, it will tempt them to buy the product quickly.

Write a Good One

If you’re having problems in writing a compelling description then ask any digital marketing agency to do the part for you.

Remember a good description is going to pay you back with enduring results. So take your time in crafting a perfect one. Take help from the tips above and you’ll see your product description soaring above the average.

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