Top Trendy Frames in Black Glasses

Black glasses says so much with so little of colour. Glasses with black frames have always been the epitome of classy and elegant design often worn by celebrities, scholars and entrepreneurs. These glasses are the right type of glasses for looking sharp and simple effortlessly, the rich black colour has always been the geek chic and entrepreneur ideal colour. In terms of occasion, they are useful for casual day wear and also accurate for formals to meetings or events where you just need a suit and right eyewear to make people feel your presence. You automatically give away the organised and intelligent look with vintage vibes. No wonder black frames were the favourite type of glasses for the legend John Lennon. Well, guess what? Black frames are back in style but with a little twist of contemporary design. Read on to find the trendy frames available in black colours.

List Of Latest Frames Design In Black Glasses

Here is the list of latest frames design in Black Glasses

Metallic Double Bridge Aviators – Lighter and Thinner

A stylish uncontemporary mix of design has stepped in the market of exquisite fashionable eyewear. Double bridge aviators are designed with ultimate funkiness and modernity kept in mind. Although aviators were famous as sunglasses but due to their modern design, it’s also been adapted in prescription glasses. Aviators have been always there but right now metallic double bridge aviators are making around the town for it’s lighter, thinner and more modernly designed for a style statement. Double bridge aviators are present in the round and square frame design that suits most of the face shape. They are great for wearing them to colleges, rocking them out in Parties or adding a bit of funkiness to your normal attire.

Round Frames – Subtle Design to Bold Retro

Black round frames are of many types that are significantly prominent these days. Some of them with metallic frame give the Harry Potter vibes while others with the half-rim are the new geek-chic frames. The only thing that’s continuing after the Deathly Hallows Part -II is the harry potter signature glasses.

Though there have been several changes in the black frames around glasses as the frames are getting bolder by thickness increase and hence giving more retro look from the ’50s. Round black frame glasses either metallic or bolder acetate, they are purely comfortable to carry and soften up your facial features. They are versatile piece of eyewear as you can wear them formals and informal as they accomplish the Instagram fashionista and Forbes’s next entrepreneur look.

Geometry Frames for A “cute” angle –

Gunmetal Hexagonal Black Frame Glasses

Geometry is alive on the eyewear trend and it’s known for displaying an edgy and artistic look. These new metal hexagonal glasses have just arrived but quickly has become the favourite fashion accessories among teenagers and college students. These new hexagonal geometric glasses frames are for rebel heart who switch to more unconventional design of eyewear that makes them look smart but at the same time give retro vibes. While most eyeglasses can’t achieve that pattern together, metallic hexagonal glasses perfectly manage to do that.

Triangle Black Frame Glasses

Geometric glasses frames in triangle shape have been the ladies favourite. Triangle frame glasses in black are bolder in design that exhibits a foxy vibe for every fashionista in you. Wear them with a white tee and Jeans and simply look elegant and fashionable without putting much effort. They are also great for beaches or for a picnic where you want to get clear vision still look elegant and chic.

Black Marble Round Frame – Alternative to One Solid Colour

When you’re bored with the same one solid black colour, you can switch to new black marble eyeglasses. Marble frames are available in a wide variety of mix in colours like yellow, blue, red, white etc to match up with any occasion and attire. These marble black glasses frame in tortoiseshell are tailored down to bring out the intellectual in you and especially look grand on the square-shaped face. You can wear these frames to add a refreshing or youthful touch in your wardrobe collection.

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Best of Black Frame Glasses Online

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