As we know the majority of users use their mobiles to browse so Google consider Mobile-friendly version of your website first than Desktop versions. Furthermore, it ranks on search engine based on the speed and performance of each website. Therefore, it is really important to make your website mobile-friendly that deliver ease and comfort to the users. Let us learn what makes your website mobile-friendly and rank higher in search results.
1. Make your website responsive

A responsive website ensures that your website will adjust according to size of screen and can be viewed on devices with different screen. Speak your web design Mississauga to ensure your website is responsive. Your website access on different devices enhances user experience. Hence, making sure your website is responsive is the most important step you should take for mobile-first ranking.

2. Speed up your website

Google rank websites that loads within a second on mobile devices.How fast your website load is the first thing that users notice and judge about your business. On the other side, slow website force user to feel unsafe and unsecure as they expect quick results. Frustrated user drives your sales away which can hurt your brand. The speed optimization gets better if you compress the size of the image and avoid unnecessary files.

3. Manage your content for mobile

Google’ ranking is based on your desktop as well as on mobile. To make your content mobile-friendly you must keep the headlines short, make font bigger, keep the social media buttons aside, and highlight CTA button. Thus, mobile responsive site is crucial for mobile first ranking. With the help of design tweaks, you can consider to optimize mobile user experience.

4.Look at Checkout process on mobile

Designing the checkout process for smooth navigation, avoid pop-ups, option of saving details, and easy paying method on mobile is what you need to focus on. This will improve conversions and ranking on Google.

5. Don’t block CSS, JavaScript or images

Today smartphones are powerful than ever and have faster processors now and enough memory as well as capacity to handle all elements. Make sure to not to block resources including JavaScript, images, and CSS as we used to do in past.

6. Give priority to mobile friendly designs

Companies should focus on designing and developing for mobile first than desktop because responsive website alone is not enough to rank in search engine. The best practice is to make sure your responsive website is also optimized for mobile.