Due to the environmental changes and impact on humans, lives have created many issues for humans. This situation leads to the spread of viruses; people begin to get sick more often. Therefore, the issue of strengthening immunity is relevant.

By human immunity, we understand the ability of the body to resist various kinds of adverse environmental conditions, various viruses and bacteria. I will not write about the need to take vitamins and eat right, everyone has long been aware of this.

I will give four simple tips on how I raise immunity throughout the winter and early spring. I do not force you to do the same; I just express my point of view and show what I do. You can learn more of these tips at Hoja for extensive learning:

1. Contrast shower

Yes, an ordinary contrast shower, which I used to do every morning. At first I made the temperature difference small, that is, I alternated warm water with cooler water, and later on I increased the contrast more and more.

Now, after a warm shower, I turn on ordinary tap water, and so on about 3-4 intervals.

The most amazing thing is that I became much less sick after I began to practice contrast shower. In addition, this is because the body receives a sharp shake and mobilizes the body’s defenses.

The only recommendation I can give is to do a contrast shower when you feel good, to do everything smoothly and gradually, without extremes.

2. We drink green tea

Instead of coffee, every morning I began to drink a large cup of green tea. Green tea is a unique drink that contains more than 300 different elements that have a beneficial effect on our body.

I just recently found out that green tea contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and in quantities larger than citrus fruits, and this vitamin is the strongest antioxidant that has a beneficial effect on our immunity. Doctors also recommend drinking chamomile tea, I have not tried it – try it.

3. Honey

Buy yourself a jar of natural honey or even better pollen; make it a rule every morning on an empty stomach to eat a couple of teaspoons of honey or a teaspoon of pollen.

Believe me, it will be better than any multivitamins, since honey and pollen contain many all-useful things, and our bodies, unlike pharmacy vitamins, absorb this almost completely.

I have honey and pollen on my table. I eat both of these products every day. Doctors recommend taking honey and pollen on an empty stomach.

4. Tincture of Eleutherococcus

Also, every day I take 20 drops of tincture of Eleuthero coccus, diluting it in a glass of boiled water.

This plant, according to scientists, is one of the best means to raise immunity, but it has a number of contraindications, so consult a doctor before taking it.

In principle, that is all the means that I use, but I noticed that every year I get sick less and less, which I wish you. Boost your immunity and never get sick.


Due to the current situation and times it is important that we take up immunity levels seriously and make our immune system strong against viruses.