While social media promotions are perhaps the most prominent mediums, print materials still have their own effective qualities for business promotions. Don’t believe it? If you don’t, then you probably have been living under a rock for a long time. Be it at retail stores or brand outlets, any festive season or offer and discount periods will surely bring to your grasp flyers and brochures that showcase the services and products. And it is needless to say that no matter how much online promotion gains popularity, print materials will always have their own place in business promotions.

Opting for flyer printing is an effective strategy for business promotions. They are one of the primary means of giving the audience a succinct presentation of your company and its services. For a more detailed presentation, brochure is a better option.

Here are 9 tips for better flyer and brochure design:

  • Color: Color plays an important role in attracting customers and clients. But make sure to not use more than 3 colors as it may overwhelm them. The best option would be to use two colors which in all probability reflect your brand’s personality.

On the other hand, opting for dark colors is better suited to luxury brands. It upholds the elegant look.

  • Simplicity: This is a very effective quality to add to your brochures printing. A lot of information may lead to clutter but keeping a minimalistic design both in terms of fonts and images helps for a more reader-friendly nature and higher professionalism.
  • Design: Design your flyers with a different outlook. Do not think in usual terms but get creative. Use graphics which will help grab the customers’ attention. Regular fonts are, well, regular. But try to innovate yourself by using fonts in different angles. Opt for upside down writings and pictures as well. It may sound awkward but works wonders.
  • Photography: No doubt photography is a great way to draw people’s attention. Opt for high-quality pictures which are able to reflect better the nature of your business. Try adding a gloss finish to further enhance their quality.

    Flyer printing services providers have UV coating which enhances the glossy texture.

  • Old-school: Old can sometimes be gold. Yes, you can opt for trendy designs; but it does not mean that old designs cannot be trendy. Opt for old-age fonts and vintage designs to give your flyers and brochures a totally unique look. This can certainly help you grab your customers’ attention.
  • Size: The size of your flyers and brochures are also of vital importance. Since they will be held at arms’ length for the most part, opt for a size which enables the customers to go through them with ease and carry them home as well if they want. Both flyers and brochures come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

Online brochure printing allows you to choose from a wide range of brochures according to your use and purpose.

  • Shapes: This is another innovative step. Go for shaped flyers which can be utilized by customers if they want to, or even for recreational purposes. For example, door-hangers, or postcards. But consider the information as smaller size will incorporate less info. Provide the most necessary info in such cases.
  • Enlighten: An effective way to involve your audience in your flyers and brochures is to educate them about your services. Or if you sell products, think about providing guidelines for their better usages. This can make customers inclined to know more about them.
  • Social network: A powerful way to promote your business is to mention your social media handles. If you have a Facebook page or an Instagram handle, mention it in your flyers and brochures. This will enable the customers to get to know your company better in an easier fashion. You can also add a QR code which leads to your company website.

Brochure and flyer printing is an effective brand promotion strategy. But it is also important to design them in the right manner. Keeping the above mentioned points in mind will help you to create more effective flyers and brochures and thus have more chances of higher customer acquisition.