Cisco catalyst 3850 switch, new industry’s initially fixed, stackable GE switch that Cisco released not long ago. As we know, Cisco has a major group of catalyst switches that meet the various sizes of workplaces and associations, including Cisco 2960, Cisco 3560, 3750, 4500 and 6500 switches. Cisco switch clients like to contrast the new Cisco 3850 and Cisco 3750 series. Which series is increasingly appropriate for your business? Here how about we have a conversation, additionally show some primary concerns to know them well.

The two above common inquiries we got from the Cisco learning network, additionally there are numerous comparative inquiries of Cisco 3750 and 3850 series comparison. Right off the bat, we check the main various highlights of Cisco Catalyst 3850 and Catalyst 3750-X series.


Features Cisco Catalyst 3850 Cisco Catalyst 3750-X
Operating System Cisco IOS-XE Software Cisco IOS Software
Cisco IOS Software Wireless Controller Yes No
Queues per port 8 4
Stacking Bandwidth 480 Gbps 64 Gbps
QOS (Quality of Service) Model MQC MLS
Flash Size 2GB 64MB
Multicore CPU for hosted Services Yes No
Flexible NetFlow Support Yes Yes (C3KX-SM-10G required)
Uplinks 4 x 1GE2 x 1/10GE4 x 1/10GE(on 48 port model) 4 x 1GE2 x 10GE NM4 x 1 GE or 2 x 10GE SM
Stack Power Yes Yes


Here are some more differences which you see between 3750 and 3850 Catalyst switches:

  •         The color of 3850 is silver and not green.
  •       The Cisco 3850 series switches have the USB port in front while the 3750X series have it in the back.
  •       The 3850 series switches accompany 3 hot swappable fans while the 3750X come with 2.
  •         Both Cisco 3850 and 3750x series support up to 2 hot swappable power supplies.
  •         Cisco 3850 series utilizes an alternate information stacking cable then the 3750X (not compatible).
  •         The power stacking cables are compatible between the 2 Cisco 3850 and 3750X series.
  •         The uplink modules are not compatible, yet with 3850 you can have up to 4 10Gig interfaces versus with the 3750X the maximum is 2. 1Gig uplinks are the equivalent for both arrangement (max 4).
  •         The 3850  switches bolster gig port for out of band the board while the 3750X support quick Ethernet.
  •         The Cisco 3850 runs IOS-XE while 3750X run IOS.
  •         The 3850 switches use a vrf for the out of band management interface.
  •         The 3850 accompany wireless controller while the 3750X don’t.
  •         Presently, Cisco 3850s just stack up to 4 while 3750s can stack to 9. Additionally, 3850 stack bandwidth capacity is 480 Gbps versus StackWisePlus 64 Gbps.
  •         The CISCO 3850’s 4x10g choice is just for the 48 port models.
  •         Net flow is standard with 3850; requires a module for the 3750-X.
  •         Cisco Catalyst 3850 offers 8 egress lines and is designed with MQC while the 3750-X offers 4 egress lines and is configured with MLS.
  •         Cisco 3850 offers multi-core for hosted administrations.

Final Thought

To wrap things up, these are the main differences between the both Cisco Catalyst 3750 and 3850 series switches. It is up to you to decide which one is better for you for your home or office network.

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