Cakes are the best possible dessert that one can think of because most people love eating them. There are endless recipes from every corner of the world as they taste different and the baking ingredients keep varying.

When it comes to cake histories though, it goes back to centuries. In its earliest form, it was nothing but a form of sweet bread that was tasted with honey. With time and with the emergence of new ingredients cakes have evolved to what it is now today.  A lot of people love baking them at home. It is not a very tough thing to do because there are easy cake recipes available at cookbooks or at online cooking sites and one can easily try them at home.

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When it comes to present-day cakes, there are plenty of flavors and icings and one can choose depending on what flavor and type of cake they love to eat. Among different cake variations, chocolate cakes are the most popular ones and most people from children to adults love eating them. Here are some delicious chocolate cake variations that one must try if they have not yet.

 German chocolate

Though this cake has nothing German about it, it is really a popular version of a chocolate cake which if full of coconut and nut frostings. This cake has this name because originally it was baked with a kind of baking chocolate that had a brand name called German’s chocolate.

Coconut filled cake

This is kind of a Bundt cake that has a chocolate layering on the upper side and once one slices it, they can get some creamy coconut center inside. This is almost like a chocolate Easter egg.

Caramel coffee cake

As the name says, this cake has some thick layers of caramel and coffee mousse and they are sandwiched in between the moist chocolate cake. This makes it an incredible dessert.

Baked Alaska birthday cake

A part of this cake is store-bought. Once the cake is sliced then it can be layered with 2 different flavors of ice cream and then it can be covered with some billowy meringue which can get slightly burnt with a pastry torch.

 Chocolate stump cake

As the name suggests this one is inspired by the French Christmas classic and it is indeed stump shaped. One can also use some edible flours to bake this cake.

S’mores cake

It is a simple homemade cake that has a marshmallow topping and one can broil it and then top it with some graham crackers. They are indeed delicious.

Chocolate Peanut Butter cake

It is a great layered cake which is mostly for crunch lovers and they can be mixed with almonds and peanuts to give the cake some rich textures.

In order to bake kitchen cuisine cakes, Islamabad one has to check some baking recipes which are out of the box.