You have heard about sunburns, heat burns or burns injuries related to fire. But there is another burn injury that is often forgotten. It is a chemical burn. It happens when your skin gets burned or some skin cells get destroyed if it comes in contact with some chemical(most probably in concentrated form). A chemical burn is often forgotten because it happens to a section of people. Students, scientists, pest control workers can get chemical burns because they work with chemicals. Often you can get a chemical burn from common household products,

Usually, chemical burn happens due to accident or assault. Chemical burns are not fatal and in most cases, the patient does not need to get admitted in the hospital. But chemical burns are very unpredictable. In this article, you will know about chemical burns, its treatments and the scars of chemical of burn.

Due to the unpredictable nature of chemical burn, it often becomes hard to trust them. Besides that chemical burns are generally within the tolerable level. Chemical burns can cause scars also.  But no scars soap for acne scars and other scars usually do not provide the desired result on chemical burn scars. These scars are quite similar to normal burn scars.


A chemical burn is usually caused by a chemical that is strong acids or is strong bases. Some common chemical that causes burns are-

  1. Bleach
  2. Muriatic acid
  3. Ammonia
  4. Car battery acid
  5. Pool cleaning products that contain chlorine
  6. Teeth whitening products
  7. Metal cleaners
  8. Drain or toilet cleaners
  9. Concrete mix
  10. Denture chemicals etc.

As you can see all of these products are found easily in your school or home and hence chemical burn can happen anywhere.


Doctors make diagnoses after examining the severity of the burn, the type of chemical that caused burn, the depth of the burn, possible infection and inflammation. If you or someone near you has chemical burn then the person needs immediate medical attention with some home aids.

If someone catches a chemical burn then they need to rinse the skin under running water for ten to twenty minutes. This will remove the excessive chemical and also help to ease pain and inflammation. In case of a chemical injury in the eye; rinse the eye with cold water for 20 minutes before visiting doctor. Doctors usually prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, lotions, and antibiotics. If the burn is severe then the patient may need to get bandages and dressing to heal the wound. In case of serious situations, doctors advise the patient to get admitted to the hospital.

 Scar treatments

Usually, chemical burns do not form a big scar if it is in the epidermis layer. But if the burn is the second degree or third degree then the burn can get keloid scars or contracture scars or hypertrophic scars.

These three scars do not get away easily and also cause pain in some cases. That’s why chemical burn scars need special attention. In the case of bigger scars, doctors r3ecommend plastic surgery or skin grafting. For smaller scars, some home remedies like silicone sheets work well. Alternatively, you can opt for chemical peeling or professional silicone treatment also.

Hence, if you get a chemical burn to go for medical treatment as soon as possible. Follow the doctor’s instruction so that you can heal. Knowing the exact usage of no scars soap use will also help you there.