Whether it is the top lawyers in India or anywhere in the world, there are a few specific challenges that they face and have to overcome. As it is the legal profession is highly competitive one and with these challenges looming, it is all the more difficult for the lawyers to make it big in their profession and practice. However, this has always been the case but in these modern day and age it seems to be even more profound due to the rapid changes in the way the modern lawyers practice law.

A recent study on this matter found that the lawyer density of the top lawyers and Legal firm in India has been steadily increasing. Though this may seem to be highly dynamic and exciting it comes with a host of challenges that are characteristics to it. Therefore, the modern lawyers now need to know and overcome these challenges in order to survive, stay competitive and relevant in the field as well as their profession and practice.

The technological challenge

One of the most significant challenges faced by any Law firm in India is technology, especially the internet. Though everyone will agree that technology helps in a lot of ways making both work as well as personal lives much better and easier, it has also changed the way in which many industries now operate.

You may wonder, if all is good about technology then how does it pose any challenge to any industry. Well, it is all about the client expectation, and the modern lawyers are not exempt from it. The expectations of the clients are now sky high and they have high demands, even more than before. It is because:

  • Easy and anytime access to the Internet provides the potential clients with legal information that they can have at their fingertips.
  • They are therefore better-informed today than they were before and will therefore not take anything lying down.
  • The clients now expect the lawyers to be more proactive and will be much more efficient in finding ways to resolve any issues and offer them with different options and solutions that are more dynamic.
  • They also expect much better, if not faster results to their issues.

If any of these things are not delivered to them then it may result in a strained a strained relationship which will eventually put an additional pressure on the lawyers in India to find the best possible ways to meet the expectations of their clients apart from the ways to reach to the best results.

With such an easy access and relevant knowledge about the law it is expected that the clients will know a fair bit about the legal process of their particular case before they visit the best law firms in India. Therefore, prior to speaking with an attorney they will know what to expect. In such situations, the role of the attorney needs to change when it comes to educating the clients. They will need to find new ways such as sorting through different reliable as well as unreliable information that their clients may have found during their research.

Cost and competition

Both these are significant challenges that the top law firms in Delhi has to face and overcome.

  • With so many lawyers available and people knowing about them and their availability, thanks to internet once again, clients now look for low-cost legal service providers. Any lawyer who does not want to stoop down to a lower level is bound to lose clients and business in the long run.
  • Moreover, technology has also given rise to the legal service providers who are all over the Internet and are offering low-cost legal services. This seems to be a very attractive proposition for those clients who cannot afford costly services.

In addition to that, online legal services have also empowered the consumers even more than before. They can now not only get legal services and aid at a lower cost but also get the necessary documents at a much lower cost as compared to the cost of retaining an attorney. All these poses a big issue for the lawyers, as more and more clients migrate to these services for their needs therefore chipping away a considerable number of the client base.

Globalization is an issue

Apart from the competition faced in the local settings, the legal firms in India also face issues when they want to expand their practices over and beyond the seas. In this world of global economy, it is unwise to stick to the local market and expect to do well. All top legal firms in India have their reach on different countries abroad due to the easing of the rules for attorneys to practice in foreign countries.
Though this is extremely helpful, there is no clear answer as to whether or not this is hurtful either, given the fact that most of the countries are handling it in different ways. Therefore, the lawyers from other countries will have to know about these regulations deeply in order to take advantage of the changes in it.

However, there are a few other countries that strict discourage such practices and block or minimize the ability of lawyers from law firms in India and other countries and jurisdictions to practice within their peripheries.

Therefore, as all law firms the top law firms in India are also required to follow the regulation of the other country. These challenges when dealt with, will ensure better practice.