In the fitness and health industry, dietary supplementation is at a record-breaking high level because of its rush in demand. To be more exclusive and have an edge among other competitor supplement brands India and contenders, these supplement giants make substantial CLAIMS… Huge, fat luscious Claims without any logical facts.

Brilliant advertising, customer-focused promotion (certainly targeting youthful Vulnerable purchasers) and internet-based lifestyle make a lot of buzz about such supplementary items. Sadly, this has given a chance to supplement brands taking inordinate advantage exploiting by misdirecting data to visitors. One item of such kind that recently hit the business sectors – The one and only ”Raw Whey”.

What actually is Raw whey? Is it natural or processed? How to take it? It all may seem so confusing! Don’t worry! We will walk you through all the important aspects of Raw Whey.

What is Raw Whey?

Whey is the most elevated organically produced protein obtained from cow’s milk. Basically, the milk is comprised of 2 proteins: 20% Whey protein and 80% casein. While making cheese, this whey protein is separated from the casein protein by adding particular enzymes to the milk, making it isolate into curd which then can be used to prepare.

After that, the curd is utilized to prepare cheese, throwing off a fluid part known as ”WHEY”. This fluid-based Whey is additionally filtered out with an extreme process to create  (WPC) Whey Protein Concentrate and afterward desiccated into powdered form.

This Whey Protein Concentrate can further filtrated to make (WPI) Whey Protein by using the ion-exchange techniques. Adding to these, these proteins are pressed into the container that has digest enzymes present in it (it is important for stronger ingestion), flavor (for delicious taste and tolerability) and that’s the way you get that chocolate protein powder you see on the labels of Raw Whey supplements.


Raw Whey is Whey Concentrates (WPC)

Raw Whey that is sold in the online markets is being consumed by health enthusiasts and fitness lovers and in actual it is pure, unadulterated, high quality, and better tasting than the other duplicate supplements that are illegally sold among people by luring them with cheap prices.

The cow’s milk is purified, ultra-filtered, and curdled dried to get the last protein in the form of powdered form, after that it is packed and then this whey is sold worldwide as a bodybuilding supplement or we can say “Raw whey” as well. In other words, we can say Raw Whey is a processed product made from natural sources and but it does not have enzymes and flavors which give them a taste, that’s the reason it is called as Raw Whey.

Generally, by preventing the use of flavours, digestive enzymes (stomach related catalysts), and sugars you can’t call a dietary supplement as ”Raw Whey”. In case, if it has all the lactose and fats completely removed, and neither has it had flavours and glucose added then you can say it is”Raw Whey”.

This Raw whey is found in milk in its fluid form with no processing. But this whey is not useful to take combined with milk as it has less whey protein (6-7 gm whey/liter of Milk) in addition it has tonnes of other nonessential ingredients as well such as fat, sugar, etc. That’s the reason the Raw whey is isolated from milk.

Why Raw Whey is so popular?

With more popularity and acceptability towards unadulterated, natural, and pure organic products, the demand for dietary supplements is sharply expanding in the market and there are hundreds of companies out there who claim their products as unprocessed, pure “Raw Whey”. In the first look, most people are lured to the attractive models at first glance, but they don’t get what they are looking for.

“Raw Whey” actually differs from a regular whey protein in the sense that it lacks the flavors and does not have any digestive enzymes which make it really easy for the body to synthesize and consume. Moreover, it is not as expensive as most of the other supplements available in the market are.

The important thing is to consider critically to find the reality of silly claims and no doubt, majority of people do not spend even a minute to find out the reality behind the claims put up by the supplement companies and they are found buying some products considering that they are purchasing the purest form of Whey found in milk, which is free of preservatives and is of high quality, but in reality, they are not getting what they think they are.

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