There are many fruit juices we have in the market for skin whitening. There is apple juice, mango juice, watermelon juice, lemon juice, papaya juice, tomato juice, grape juice, and pomegranate juice. Drinking these juices will actually help you to get a glowing and beautiful fair skin. The juice is a drink made by the pressing of the natural liquid contained within a fruit or vegetables. The juice is also prepared by mechanically squeezing or macerating from the fruit’s flesh. Fruit juices help us in many ways. These fruit juices help you get beautiful skin, help to kill lots of diseases and carving, connect you to stay close to nature and help us to digest our meals. All these are the best fruit juices for skin whitening. One can choose any of these best fruit juices mentioned in the above for skin whitening.

Some Best Fruit Juices In The Market For Skin Whitening

Best fruit juices for skin whitening will come with varieties of ranges in the market. All the fruit juices for skin whitening have different flavors and colors. One can choose any of the fruit juices according to their taste. These fruit juices are somehow best in their own way. All the fruit juices carry some vitamins and nutrition. Few best fruit juices for the skin whitening are

1. Mango Juice:

People who are fat kindly try to avoid this fruit juice. This fruit juice is best for those who have dry skin and a slim body. Mangos are full of vitamin A and essential for maintaining supple and flawless skin. You can drink mango juice or gently rub the mango on your face which helps you get fair skin. This is one of the best fruit juices for skin whitening.

2. Watermelon Juice:

Watermelons are a natural source of freshwater. It is made up mostly by water. It is a good toner for the tan skinners. The watermelon juice is also very effective for skin lightening. The watermelons have minerals in it which keeps our body hydrated. You can apply this fruit on your face to increase the glow or fairness of your face. It is also the best fruit juice for skin whitening.

3. Papaya Juice:

If no fruit juices suit your skin type then papaya juice is best for you. This drink will definitely go with your skin type. It is a very famous fruit juice for skin whitening. One can drink the papaya juice or rubbed on the whole face to get fair skin. If you have a dark circle under your eyes then simply rub the papaya juice under your eye or on the dark circle. It will give you the most effective result within the use of a few days. Another way to have fair skin, you just need to mix sandalwood powder in the papaya juice and make a scrub from it. After that apply it on your face and keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it with water. Using the papaya juice every day on your face will bring the glow and white skin.

4. Orange Juice:

This orange juice ranks as the best fruit juice for skin whitening. The oranges are full of vitamin C in it and vitamin C is usually best to whiten the skin tone. This fruit juice also helps indigestion. If you regularly drink the orange juice you will be able to have a glowing and whitening skin. You can also use it as a face pack on your face. Orange juice face pack removes the blackheads, lightens the tanning spots from your face, and absorbs the dirt and oil from your face. And give you a fair and radiant skin. To prepare the face pack take half a cup of orange juice and fuller’s earth then mixed it well.