Investing your hard-earned money in Fixed Deposits is a superb investment plan to reserve and maximize your savings through accrued interest. An FD account offers a uniform and profitable rate of interest. Moreover, individuals belonging to any age group can opt for an FD investment plan. 

In India, different banking institutions and non-banking financial companies such as Bajaj Finance offer the facility of fixed deposits, which makes choosing the right Fixed Deposit plan very tricky in this competitive world. But in order to simplify the task, FD calculator India provided by Bajaj Finance offers a great help to the potential investors.

What is Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit (FD) calculator?

Bajaj Finance FD calculator is a tool designed to get an estimation about the maturity and interest amount of FD at the end of a selected tenure. This tool uses inputs like the deposit amount, tenure of the FD, the prevailing fixed deposit rate for the said tenure.

How to calculate FD interest rate using Bajaj Finance FD Calculator India?

It is a very simple process involving the following steps:

  • Choose your customer type: New customer, existing loan customer, or a senior citizen 
  • Choose the fixed deposit option: Cumulative or Non-Cumulative
  • Enter a deposit amount you would like to invest
  • Choose the fixed deposit tenor as per your convenience ranging from 12 to 60 months

And you will automatically see the maturity amount and total interest earned on your fixed deposit. You can try different combinations of tenor and deposit amount to see how the maturity amount and interest earned changes. 

FD calculator India provided by Bajaj Finance is the best and the most handy option to solve your how to calculate FD interest rate problem.

Benefits of using the best interest FD Calculator in India 2020

The FD calculator India provided by Bajaj Finance is one of the most accurate Fixed Deposit calculators in India. There are various advantages associated with the use of FD calculator. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Using an FD calculator helps investors anticipate and plan their future finances well before investing.
  • It helps in comparison of various kinds of FD schemes offered by different banks and other financial companies. One can easily understand which scheme provides the best returns at the desired tenure.
  • FD calculator ensures zero errors in calculating even a lump sum amount as it is an automatic calculator.
  • It saves time and efforts of the investor by calculating unmanageable amounts accurately in a fraction of second.
  • The FD calculator India provided by Bajaj Finance is free of cost thus customers can use it multiple times and compare returns for various combinations of FD rates, tenure and amount.
  • Bajaj Finance FD calculator India is great in terms of user-friendliness and has a very easy-to-use interface. 

Apart from offering the best FD Calculator India, Bajaj finance FDs offer you numerous value-added features such as:

  • Premature withdrawal facility
    Awarded with ICRA’s MAAA (stable) rating and CRISIL’s FAAA/Stable rating, Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits allows you to withdraw your money prematurely in case of emergencies.
  • Facility of Loan against Fixed Deposit
    Bajaj Finance FD account holders can avail loan up to 75% of their FD amount as loan. So in case of urgency, rather than breaking his FD one can go for a loan option with cheap interest rates.
  • Higher interest rates for Senior Citizens
    Bajaj Finance provides an additional .025% to senior citizens. They can enjoy interest rates up to 7.85%.
  • Flexible Tenure and interest payout options
    With Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits you can choose from a range of tenure i.e 12 to 60 months. Also, the interest payout is quite flexible too. You can receive your interest on Bajaj Finance FD monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or during maturity as per your choice and investment goals. 

So why wait, fill the online form and get started!