About Tweakbox

Everyone wants something extra with there traditional setup whether it is a mobile, smartphone, or any application and Tweakbox is too doing the same thing. As this app is having multiple functionality which is providing an extra boost in the ios devices. 

This app provides functionality to get access to those premium content which is only available after payment, but this app is providing it free of cost. But the main difficulty that all the users are facing is that Tweakbox is not working well on some tweaked apps.

You are not going to find more apps that are providing similar functionality apps like Tweakbox.

List of best apps like Tweakbox


Aptoid is the best alternative of Tweakbox app that is working as a software marketplace for other applications. The main and most important function of this app is that this app is working on android and you can download premium apps free of cost. 

As it has a super function that all the relevant and related application comes after launching it on the home page which are ranked according to their hierarchy of its popularity. Aptoid is loaded with an easy interface which are divided among different tabs for home, top, stories, updates etc.

Panda helper

Panda helper is also acting as the best alternative and the most popular third-party app downloader. This application is a more user-friendly app store and secure among all the app because it comes with full SSL feature encryption.

Special features of these apps are-

  • It does not require any jailbreak as Cydia requires.
  • It comes with regular bug fixing that allows to bring new content.
  • No requirement to move other place as all the updates can be completed via Panda Helper.

App valley

App Valley is a mobile app installer that can be downloaded on iPhone and different ios devices. However, the process may be a little bit different for all. But the question is that is this app also provide a similar functionality like Tweakbox?

Yes, this app too provide a similar functionality like Tweakbox as by this you can download tweaked and modified apps. And all of them the most popular one is Kodi by which you can get access to multiple versions of software.

For downloading ios devices simply you have have to open your Safari browser and move to appvaley.com and select your ios version. After that select your profile, that allows the website to download it on your machine.


This is the most advanced, private and secure app assistance for ios devices. This too also does not require any type of jailbreak and may provide access to multiple tweaked and cracked apps.

This has a functionality that it is working on all the versions of all ios devices whether its ios7,8,9 or ios 12. And anyone on the globe can download and get multiple access to premium content. But there is one limitation that it is limited when compared to any other jailbroken tool. 

Hip store

This is available on both the devices whether it is android or ios device. It is also with the same function which is available on Tweakbox. Hip store is totally free which do not require any jailbreak and is useful to download your favourite apps for free. More than a million application are available on it developed by top developers.

In past, it only uses to work on jailbroken devices but with the new technology, it is used to work smoothly with other devices too. All paid and premium type of apps are present in their app store.