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Budget 2020: ACs, Refrigerators, Kitchen Appliances set to get costly

The Union Budget every year poses quite a few surprises for consumers and businesses both. This year, the Budget 2020 also had some announcements that took consumers by surprise. The Budget 2020 has affected the prices of imported goods, causing many products to become costlier. India imports a lot of products from other countries, and the Indian market is very popular among foreign manufacturers. Its young demographic and their increasing salaries has led to the Indian market gaining appeal among foreign companies who choose to import products to India. This includes electronic products made for consumers, including household appliances...

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Understand How Your Home Loan Lender Calculates EMI

Borrowers often commit the mistake of availing loans without checking the exact liability they would be under when repaying this debt. EMI calculation is simple and does not take up much of your time. Learning more about how equated monthly instalments are determined should help you make informed decisions.   If you feel that manually calculating your EMIs may lead to errors or inaccuracies, you can also opt to use a home loan EMI calculator. Such a tool is available online and should be crucial when deciding the best housing loan option in the market. What is a home loan EMI...

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What Are The Simple Steps To Get A Personal Loan?

There may be so many reasons for which you may need money. This may be to finance your treatment, remodeling of your home, finance wedding, or get your hands on the most recent version of Xbox for that perfect gaming experience. There are times when people seek loans to meet some sudden unforeseen expenditure. Debt consolidation is one of the most common reasons for seeking personal loans as the money taken on the loan is used to pay off multiple small loans or pay off outstanding bills or interests on credit cards. Either they may have to wait to...

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Know the right time to redeem your fund- ICICI Prudential

The capital market is vast, and it gives investors many ways to invest in the market. In the market, there are many investment instruments available that enable investors to invest in a fund. Investors, who want to create wealth by saving, participate in significant investments. But the drawback to this is that tracking the performance of each fund after a specific time frame becomes tedious, and the hard part is to decide when exit and redeem from a fund. The golden rule of capital market investing knows the right time to buy, hold, and redeem the fund. Most mutual...

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Have a peaceful night of sleep on best quality mattresses

In this daily life of stress and anxiety, it is very important to get our daily quota of sleep. However, we often compromise on that to do some extra work or watch an extra episode of a favorite series. This is a very unhealthy habit. Compromising on your sleep can cause a lot of physical as well as mental issues. When you lack sleep, you might feel dizzy and irritated all day long. Moreover, you can also fall a victim of depression on the long run if you keep losing sleep regularly for a long time. Therefore, you need...

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