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Safety Steps For Handling Abrasive Wheels

An abrasive wheel is widely used in grinding machines made with an abrasive compound usually. The wheels are generally made from a composite material consisting of coarse particle aggregate pressed and bonded together by a cementing matrix. Based on the usage of wheels the profiles and cross-sections could be different. The cutting is usually performed in two ways; single point cutting tool and multi-point cutting tool. Abrasive wheels are normally used in grinders, disc cutters and saws. Aluminium discs and solid steel are normally used in cutting wheels. Nowadays mostly artificial compounds with artificial aggregates as grinding wheels instead of natural composite stone used a few decades back. According to the HSE, almost half of all accidents with abrasive wheels are due to human error, which shows the importance of training on abrasive wheels for all employees. Let’s analyse the safety steps we should follow while using abrasive wheels. Wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) In some warehouses, it’s seen that workers don’t wear PPE while working with abrasive wheels. PPE should be used compulsorily as it acts as a safety cover for the workers. Equipment like Goggles, masks, ear protectors, safety gloves and leather apron should be used mandatorily by the worker when he is operating the wheel. Check the speed of the machine Each grinder comes with a standard speed rating as per the authorities with a specific...

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Does Manual Handling Training Reduce Risk of Injury?

Manual handling relates to the moving, lifting or carrying of weights within the workplace. It can occur in any working environment through workers in construction, agriculture and hotel fields. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations (MHOR) legislation was first introduced in the year of 1992. It was adopted by UK legislation as part of a series of EC directives and later introduced to the European Union. Manual handling actions may involve packing, assembling, cleaning & sorting, using hand-tools, operating machinery & equipment and many more. Manual handling causes over a third of all workplace injuries. These include work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as pain and injuries to arms, legs and joints, and repetitive strain injuries of various sorts. Work-related low back pain and injuries are the most common musculoskeletal disorders caused by manual handling. About a fourth of European workers suffer from back pain, which tops the list of all reported work-related disorders. Negative health effects of manual handling  Manual handling can sometimes adversely affect your health. The common injuries include; Multiskeltal disorders: Damage to the musculoskeletal system of the body like muscles, joints and nerves as a follow-through of gradual and cumulative wear and tear through repetitive manual handling. Sprains: When a load is manually handled the workers have to twist, turn or bend occasionally causing sprain on ligaments. Cuts & Abrasions: When we are handling sharp and rough objects there may be...

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How to Find a Good and Chose a lawyer

If you have never been in legal trouble and you do not have a lawyer nearby, you may not know how to find and choose a lawyer. Here is a summary of how to find a lawyer, from how to find a lawyer to how to choose it. Find a lawyer that suits you and ask for a lawyer you can trust. So many Type of lawyer we have in our world Family lawyer Immigration lawyer Civil Litigation Lawyer Criminal Defence Lawyer Defamation Lawyer Business Lawyer Traffic Lawyer Trusts and Estates Lawyer Personal injury Lawyer Real State Lawyer The advantages...

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Star your own Small Business with low investment

Start your own Small Business with low investment Money is the most important thing in life. Every person comes to that period after a certain time of his life, when he starts earning money or wants to earn money. Nowadays, our education is such that our knowledge is such that we all have some new ideas in our minds. Today’s youth is obsessed with doing something new. But it is not necessary that we all be able to start a new business and if we start a new business, then it is not easy to run it in the...

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How to Boost Immune System

We all hate getting sick. It makes us miss work or fun social events. But most of all it makes us feel miserable. So, why not try harder to avoid getting sick in the first place? Here are some tips for boosting your immunity and avoiding illness. Have good hygiene – Avoiding germs is a great way to avoiding sickness. Washing your hands before eating is very important. Showering every day and keeping your whole body clean is also critical. Eat colorful meals – The more colors of food in your meals, the wider range of vitamins you will be consuming. This includes vitamin C, which is a very important immune booster. Drink green or black tea – These types of teas have antioxidants, which fight against germs, reducing your chances of getting sick. Sleep 8 hours a day – Sleeping more means your body produces more proteins that also fight infection. Any less than 7 hours a night and you are 3 percent more likely to catch a virus. Keeping well rested and your immunity high is very important. Stay active – Regular exercise helps reduce stress and inflammation and increases the production and circulation of white blood cells. These fight diseases and stop you from getting ill. Take immune-boosting supplements – Spirulina powder, echinacea, colloidal minerals, and multivitamins all play a big part in helping boost your immune system. They all have significant...

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