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What causes UTI in women?

A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria gets into the urinary tract and travels up to the urinary bladder. UTIs are responsible for more than 8.1 million visits to doctors each year. About 60% of females  and 12% of males have UTI  at least once during their lifetime.   After entering the urinary tract through the urethra, the bacteria begins to multiply in the bladder. Though our urinary system is designed to keep out such bacterias, the defenses sometimes fail. When that happens, bacteria may grow into an infection in the urinary tract, causing UTI. There are many factors that can put a female at an increased risk of getting a UTI. Such factors include: Age – older females are more likely to get UTIs Reduced body moment after a surgery or prolonged bed rest Kidney stones Previous UTI Obstruction or blockages in the urinary tract, like an enlarged prostate, kidney stones, and some forms of cancer Uncontrolled diabetes  Pregnancy Abnormal development of urinary structures from birth Weakened immune system Catheter use    Why are women at a higher risk of getting UTIs? Women are at a higher risk of getting UTIs. In some cases, some lifestyle changes can help lessen the risk of some of these factors. Below are the factors which put women at a higher risk of getting UTIs.    Shorter urethra   The location and ...

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Things Have to Know Before Planning for Study MBBS in Abroad Like Russia

  Plan to Study MBBS in Abroad   When you plan to study MBBS in abroad, you want to study in the best medical institute in the world, and sometimes because of some circumstances, you are not able to admission to that.    World’s Best Medical Education   But if there is a country which has the world’s best medical education universities in the world then the number of options in which you can study is numerous then you can always look to study MBBS in Russia.    World’s Best Medical Universities   It has a large number of world’s...

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Hire A Professional for Air Conditioning Maintenance And Repair Service

Need to enjoy the hot summer with the family? Are you looking for an effective way to stay comfortable in the summer season? If yes, then you can install an air conditioner in your home and workspace. In the modern days, the air conditioner is installed in every home that keeps the environment cool. Air conditional allows you to stay happily inside the home especially in the hot days.  The air conditioner requires regular maintenance that enlarges the lifespan of the device. If you are facing any issues in the AC then you can hire the professional AC Repair...

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How to Make Everyday Decision Making Easy

Shall I go for dinner tonight? Should I take up this job offer? Will this plan work? Such questions often arise and create confusion in our mind. We struggle to come to a decision but instead of finding an answer we get more and more goofed up.  Well! Decision making is an important part of daily life. From waking up till the time you hit the bed, you need to make decisions about everything. You have to make choices about your clothes, business, love, job, restaurants, trips and so on.  That means, there is simply no escape from it. ...

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Things to Look for in a Realtor

The buying or selling of a house is a new experience that most of us go through. This experience can get a lot better if you can find the right real estate agent for the job. Finding the right real estate agent is quite a challenge just like dating you don’t know what you will get. Therefore, there are a lot of things that you must consider before developing a property partnership. Here are some of the things that you must check before you take the services of any real estate agent. Location: While looking for a realtor, look...

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