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Types of wireless networks explained.(from Wi-Fi to Wide Area Network)

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without wireless technology. Whether it is a cellular network, daily used Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or any other communication device, these all rely on different kinds of wireless networks. History of wireless technology. The history of wireless communication is as old as 1880 when radio waves were discovered but radio waves were only used to send audio messages. A decade later when computers were being developed at a large scale the first wireless network which came into existence was called ethernet. We still see an Ethernet port in our modern computers. Later in the year 1991 cellular 2G networks were discovered which are still being used in most of the mobile phones to make calls. In the year 1997 the first ever wi-fi network was established which was a Personal area network (PAN). Types of wireless networks. The wireless technologies are categorised based upon the area they cover, below we have listed and explained most common wireless networks. Personal Area Networks (PAN). This is the network having shortest range among all, Personal area network has a coverage of around 10-30 feet. Bluetooth and wi-fi are the most common type of Personal area network. This network can be used to transfer data between two devices placed at a relatively smaller distance. In modern mobile devices Bluetooth is used in audio equipment like Bluetooth...

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The Ultimate Academic Writing Style Guide For Every Student

Academic content writing requires students to be at the top of their game. The written content must boast of some features that make it accurate and attractive enough to garner acclaim. Most students come up short when trying to make the content more readable and easy to understand for the general audience. This blog offers an in-depth look into some of the best english essay writing styles for any academic content. Select the most appropriate approach Go through your assignment objectives and carefully analyse the stance you have to take. If not explicitly mentioned, you must thoroughly understand the...

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Short Throw Projectors for Large Images in Tight Spaces

Watching movies on big screen is the desire of everyone. Mostly, people wishes to convert their rooms into home theatre. For such purpose you might need a projector. The best short throw projector is the best choice for home theatre. They are mainly available at a low price. You can gather along with your friends or cousins to enjoy the movie night and experience theatre. The cost of per movie in a theatre or cinema is very high; therefore, it is better to purchase a projector for home entertainment. You can setup a movie theatre plan every weekend and...

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Things That You Should Prepare for Solo Travelling

Travelling doesn’t always to be in group or more than one. A solo travelling can be a new whole experience with different vibes. If you want to have a short escape from your boring routine and in the same time, you’re having trouble to match the timing with your travel gang, solo travelling can be a good alternative. However, the things that are quite different here. While you will have less worry when travel in group, you need to be more cautious when it comes to solo travelling. Solo travelling can make you more vulnerable from the bad people...

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9 Facts You Need to Know About Hiring Dedicated Developers

Your approach matters a good deal and is of importance if you are searching to manage your business’s endeavors. Simply with the faithful approach, you’re going to have the ability to have the best-dedicated resource for your company. There are particular things every hirer or so your business has to bear in mind about the resources that are dedicated. They’re as follows: Save Valuable Time: Resources, any corporation might handle their projects within the time limit and efficiently too as the resources are known for providing efficiency and quality. Dedicated resources may look after one’s concerns about business process...

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