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How to Create Custom 404 and 500 Erroar Page in Laravel?

Firstly Create a 404 and 500 error page in resources/views/errors/404.blade.php Go to-> app/Exceptions/Handler.php public function render($request, Exception $e) { // custom error message if ($e instanceof \ErrorException) { return response()->view(‘errors.500’, [], 500); } else { return parent::render($request, $e); }...

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Why web developers should use a website design platform

A well-designed website is not just for decor and aesthetics. It offers a lot more than that. A website’s design attracts visitors to a site; it communicates visually with the site visitors and helps them connect and understand the product or service faster and better. Usually, professional web developers create the design for a website, based on its subject and requirements. Designing a website is a big process and this includes the following steps: 1.  Defining the goal of the website – Firstly, the goal of the website needs to be established. Questions like who is going to be...

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Reasons for Higher Demand of Mid-Range Phone in Market

You may have observed that the Indian smartphone market is one of the most lucrative ones globally. It is because the market has huge potential for many brands to prosper. Ever since 2014, the scene in the Indian mobile phone market has changed and changed for the good. The entry of Chinese mobile phone brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme and more has changed the scenario in India. It has led to intense competition between them to become top companies and acquire a huge market share. The reasons behind the success of budget or mid-range phones in the...

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Charter A Bus To Celebrate 2020’s Arrival!

Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration. It has such a warm feeling to it that everyone enjoys. During the coldest time of year, the best memories are made, and everyone shares a lot of laughter and love during it. New Year’s Eve is the most celebrated holiday on Earth & the eyes of the world sparkles with anticipation as the clock nears ‪midnight on December 31st. Charter a bus with Layman Transport to make your night worry-free and filled with fun. Let yourself be transported by our experienced drivers from the restaurant, to the NYE event and...

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Plastic Pollution and Our Alternative Way to the Environment

Do you know how many giant islands of garbage are floating in the oceans, and how can you contribute to generating a change to try to reverse the enormous environmental devastation that plastic is generating worldwide? Here are some interesting facts you should know, as well as some urgent recommendations to take into account. How Plastic Contaminates the Environment: Plastic has become the preferred material of the industry during the last century, petroleum products, being so flexible and relatively inexpensive, generated a massive production that eventually flooded the planet with plastic. Pollute the Earth: Perhaps the most common form...

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