Want to live your vacation extraordinarily? Want to explore a place with great diversity, modern architecture, royalness, breath-taking natural creations with great varieties of food? Then there is nothing best than Canada. It is a place loaded with picturesque landscapes, an international culture whose trip is also lighter on pockets. This all-season country surprises wanderers with extremely appealing places like Whistler famous for ice sports, Churchill classical areas like Old Montreal and famous Signal Hill. Canada also offers unforgettable Niagara Falls in its center along with modern cities like Ottawa and Toronto. So, if you decided to plan your vacation trip to Canadas must visit these 8 best places for irresistible feel.

1. Old Quebec

Old Quebec is among those ancient places of Canada which various international culture together. Majority of the people are French, and thus you will get European feel in every street and restaurant. Old Quebec magnet point is Chateau Frontenac hotel, this colorful European roofed 19th-century hotel is one of the most filmed and posh hotels in the world. Tourist majorly does the walking city tour while enjoying chez Muffy and poutines, Augustine monastery, Parc du Bastion, St. Louis Fort and rides near St. Lawrence are major tourist attractions. You can also get great discount on ticket booking online using TicketGoose offers

2. Parliament Hall, Ottawa

Located in the downtown Ottawa part, the architecture of Parliament Hall will blow your mind. Gothic and European designed building in which the central ‘Peace Tower’ divided the whole palace vertically. The top of the tower is light greenish, and the rest of the buildings feels like Oxford or Cambridge university. Free tours of Senate Blocks, Main library of parliament and Peace tower are available from the morning. There is also a Parliament garden aka sculpture garden in the field which is filled with varieties of flowers. You can also see the Guard’s march practice in the morning hours.

3. Whistler

Canada’s chilled and perfect place to enjoy in your summer, Whistler is just an hour away from Vancouver. Sports festivals are happening all around the year, but the best time to visit Whistler will be May. You can attend the World Ski festival, bike around mind-blowing mountains under the blue sky. Brandywine Falls Provincial Park and Lost Lakes are photo point of Whistler. You can easily find decent accommodation here. Whistler is also famous for its restaurants like La Catina and desert king Portobello and local wines and beers.

4. Signal Hill

Signal hill is named after the incident of receiving the world’s first wireless transoceanic signal here. Played a giant role in wars, the hill is located near Table Mountain and is free for all with 24 hour opening time. Beautiful Islamic missionary’s tombs, 19th century Cabot Tower and rarest flower Moraea aristate binds tourists with the hill. People usually spend a whole day here enjoying the scenery, regions of North America and sunset and spend their night at the campsite of Appleton Scout under glimmering stars.

5. Churchill

Churchill aka Land of Polar bears is a must-visit place of Canada during year mid. Churchill is widely famous for its temperature, geography and polar bears but it gives even more surprises to travelers. Tourists spend their days sightseeing the glaciers, beluga whales and spend their night under astonishing northern lights. This chilled place offers cozy hotels and wooden cottages with Churchill famous wines. Some sports activities like kayaking, hiking, or sea fishing are opened a few days a week.

6. Old Montreal

Attracting tourist from its cuisines and climate from decades, Old Montreal is in downtown Montreal under Quebec provinces. This city also reflects French European culture and lifestyle. There is nothing better than wandering on the streets of Old Montreal while enjoying sizzlers and barbeques. Place Jacques Cartier is best to experience posh hotels, markets, and deserts. The famous 17th-century Notre-Dame church will impress you by its Gothic architecture and glass paintings. If you are planning to spend a few days in Old Montreal then add the erotic Bonsecours Market, Bota-Bota and Saint-Paul Street.

7. Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The CMHR visit and tour is something unique and inspirational in the trip of Canada. Canadian Museum for Human Rights building holds the idiosyncratic architecture from outside as well as from inside. There is a various section like Women Right, Mandela, Labor Right, and especially highly technological photo and galleries hall. The Mikinak-Keya Spirit tour shows Islamic culture, architecture and human rights. The CMHR is located near The Forks so you have excellent dining and shopping facilities after the museum tour. You can also apply for Travel agent jobs to know about this field.

8. Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor aka Victoria’s Inner Harbor is more than a cruise stopover. This is one of the most visited spots of Canada and provides varieties of modern activities and things to explore. Tourist usually shops in major malls and centers, take a boat tour across the outskirts in the daytime and enjoy ultimate dining and hospitality near the harbor points under the open sky. The picture point of this place is the colorful giant Gothic-styled Empress Hotel which is famous for outstanding cuisines, deserts, and accommodations. The Inner Harbor is a perfect place to end your Canada trip with shopping and posh culture enjoyment.