It is said that it takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit. Why not look at some of the bad habits related to your hair and overcome them?

All of you are aware that there are undoubtedly bad habits related to hair like infusing the hair with a lot of chemicals, bleaching and use of a lot of hair styling tools. But many people have picked up bad hair habits without even realizing the damage that they are causing. If you have been noticing more breakage & hair loss than usual, it is time to consider the little things for hair care and get rid of any bad habits for the same. Also, Before you go for any excessive treatments like hair transplant in Ahmedabad, look upon some habits that could possibly change your hair quality and quantity as well!

So, how many of these hair habits are you guilty of?

1. Over exposure to the sun

Like your skin, your hair can also sustain a lot of damage as a result of sun exposure. UV rays from the sun can cause increased dryness, fading of the colour of your hair and the worst of it all-it may lead to those nightmare split ends. Make a habit of using an umbrella or wearing a hat when you know that you are going to step out in the sun for a long time.  As an option, you can also carry a SPF spray for the hair which is available in a variety of brands. One of them is the Clarins SPF 30 Sunscreen Care Oil Spray, which does a fairly good job.

2. Not washing your hair the right way

It’s all too easy to get into a bad routine when you’re washing your hair – after all, it’s something you do on a very regular basis – but you could be damaging your hair. You may enjoy a scalding hot shower, but your hair certainly doesn’t, as it strips your hair of essential oils, drying it out. Rinsing your hair in lukewarm water is a far kinder option. Skipping conditioner also contributes to brittle hair, so apply it to the mid-lengths and ends every time that you wash it. So, avoiding scalding hot water and not shampooing everyday are some of the good shower habits one can develop.

3. You’re not handling your hair with love

Many people automatically reach for a normal towel for scrubbing their hair after the shower, but this actually causes breakage and a lot of damage to the fragile wet hair. Gently pat or squeeze your hair dry instead to gently absorb all the excess water from the hair, or even better, use a microfibre towel which will be more gentle to your hair. Avoiding brushing your hair when they are weak and fragile as there is a much higher chance of damage to the hair; is also one of the good haircare habits to develop.

4. Excessive usage of the styling tools

Everyone likes to groom up in the best possible way but don’t do it at the expense of hurting your hair. It is time to move away from the straighteners! We all know that hot tools cause damage, but how many of us choose to ignore that anyway? You don’t have to give them up altogether, but having a break a few times a week will do your hair some good – just let your hair air dry when possible.

If you are into a profession that demands proper grooming everyday, form a habit of using a heat protecting spray before you reach out for the styling tools.

5. Tying the hair too tightly

Think twice before pulling your hair too tightly into a bun or brading your hair as it can lead to traction alopecia, a form of airloss that occurs due to overstretching of the hair. A tight ponytail may look cool, but wear a tightly-pulled hairstyle comes with a lot of damage to your hair due to the excessive pulling of the hair, causing hair loss. In the early stages, you may notice small bumps on the scalp, along with redness and soreness, but can be reversed by wearing looser hairstyles, or by taking a break from hair extensions if you wear them regularly.

6. Using the wrong pillowcase

Though it sounds a little too much, but using a rough pillow could lead to dryness, hair loss and fizziness of the hair. It happens due to the constant rubbing of the hair against the pillow as you turn in your sleep every night. We recommend using a silk pillow which is more smoother thereby reducing the friction between your hair and the pillow during movements.

7. You’re not checking your hair care products

Not all hair products and the ingredients are the same. Many of them contain a lot of harsh and harmful products like paraben, sulphates, scalp-irritating fragrances and alcohol that can be a nightmare for your hair. Go for products that have more of natural ingredients rather than the chemicals mentioned above.  The Aveeno Hair Care Oat milk blend shampoo and conditioner is one of our favorites when it come to nourishing your hair the right way.