The exhibition industry is continuously evolving. Therefore, trade booth designs are also changing to match the elevating trends. Consequently, it is vital to think out of the box and come up with new ideas that let your trade booth stand out among competitors on the trading floor.

To stand out on the trading floor, you should think unique ideas for exhibition stand and do not follow the herd.


Using the same design, again and again, will lead to wastage of your precious time and money. Even the experienced trade show participators fail to present unique stand design that can attract the trade floor traffic.

Let start with the below-given ideas that will help to design an exhibition stand that looks attractive and unique as well.

Implement the following ideas in your exhibition stand design while adding your flair.

1. Beautiful Graphic Designs

With the help of high-quality prints, bold font, and big size graphic display, you will get an appealing trade booth design. You can also incorporate the latest technology in your graphic display – 3D Prints.

With the help of eye-catching and stunning graphics, you will get enormous visitors to your exhibition stand. Trade show attendees can easily spot the trade booth with innovative and creative graphic display.

2. Increase Its Height

Usually, exhibitors fail to utilize the space allocated efficiently on the trade show floor. The area does not just include length and breadth; it also comprised of height. If you cannot go broad or lengthy, then go taller.

With optimum height utilization, you can create a significant impact on trade show attendees, even on distant one. Ask your exhibition stand designer to build your stand taller and impressive.

By displaying large signs and graphics with the backlight on your taller and interactive exhibition stand, you can trigger the curiosity among trade show visitors.

All big brand use this trick and easily able to attract all trade show visitors. All top exhibition stand designs that had stolen the show in the past are taller and attractive as well.

3. Incorporate Games

One of the best ways to make your exhibition stand creative is to add gaming elements. With gamification, you can increase the engagement time with visitors on your trade booth.

Games on the trade booth not just help in visitors engagement but also spread brand and product awareness among attendees.

Therefore, it is recommended to incorporate only those games that spread brand awareness, represent your company product, and also loved by people. Gamification will improve the customer experience on your stand and help them to recall your business again in the future.

4. Virtual Reality

Technology has captured the whole exhibition industry market. Therefore, it is a good idea to incorporate Virtual reality in your trade booth. This latest technology is capable of triggering the curiosity among trade show visitors.

Therefore, they will visit your stand and start inquiring more about your business and products. With the help of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, you can represent your products through amazing visuals.

Using these creative ideas in your trade booth will help you to create a memorable experience for your potential customers.

5. Attractive Giveaways

Most trade show visitors would prefer to enter inside the booth if they are offering freebies. Therefore, beautiful giveaways are one of the best ideas to get a considerable volume of foot traffic at your trade booth.

Don’t forget to add your company’s logo on giveaways. It will make sure that your business will be remembered even after completing the trade show. The best exhibition stands are those who are remembered long after the completion of the trade show.

6. Live Video Streaming

With the advancement in the telecom sector, you can use various types of exhibition stand ideas to create WOW experience for your potential customers.

You can leverage live video streaming and instantly connect with multiple people with the help of social media.

It will let you attract those people who are roaming around the trade show but have not visited your exhibition stand.

After watching exclusive videos of your trade show, they will get curious and excited to know more about your trade booth, business, and product.

Also, live video streaming will let you connect with these people who are not attending the trade show. These videos not just help you during the show to create the buzz around your stand but also help you after completion of the trade show. You can use these videos for marketing purpose after the show.