When it is about setting the mood, lighting definitely plays an important role. But, in my personal opinion the kind of lighting that you should go for must depend on which room you are talking about. In other words, try to choose lights that define the purpose of that particular space.

Now, bedroom is primarily meant for sleeping but they are not meant to stay dark all the time. However, extremely flashy lights also do not go well. So, if I have to suggest some bedroom lighting hacks that you can go for in this New Year 2020, then I will suggest you to go for lighting that are fun and romantic yet cozy and relaxing.

A combination of portable and installed lighting would be good for your bedroom, and it will surprisingly improve the overall interior design of the bedroom. You may try them out. Here are some simple bedroom lighting hacks for you to consider:

  1. Recessed fixtures- A bedroom needs general lighting. Like I said there should be enough light for doing the basic activities like dressing but the tone should be relaxing and warm, so recessed fixtures I feel are good. The best thing is the recessed fixed is controlled by a dimmer. You can dial it up when it is a cloudy day or you need to dress up or do some other work as well as dial down during your bedtime routine.
  2. Ceiling fan light- If you have a ceiling fan at home, you can also utilize it for bedroom lighting. In short, they can do double duty, one is regulating temperature and the other one is bright overhead lighting. If you want the light to be soft then, you may choose a light kit in which the lights are either directed towards the ceiling or covered by a shade. Moreover, a ceiling fan that is controlled by a remote will also save you from getting out of the bed once you are also sleepy.
  3. Rope lighting- Bedrooms are meant for relaxation and if you are able to properly place rope lighting, then it can set the perfect mood for you. You may go for rope lighting on the back of the headboard or on the underside of the bed frame to get that warm, relaxing and welcoming glow. If you want that calm and serene atmosphere for the whole bedroom then, adding rope lighting to a tray ceiling will be a good option for you.
  4. Portable reading lights- If you are a nighttime reader and if you have a roommate or a partner who sleeps early, then portable reading lights will be the best option for you. Just check that you are able to bend it or swivel so that you get to enjoy the right amount of light at the same time keep the light away from your direct eye line.
  5. Pendant lights- You must have seen the pendant lights in the kitchen but with slight mixing, you can use it to brighten up your bedroom as well. You may hang the lights on either side of your bed. But, if you want them to contribute to the fashion and function of your bedroom, then you may hang them over your dresser and the vanities.

Over to you

I do not prefer a bedroom to be pitch light unless I am sleeping but at the same time too much of bright and vibrant lights might not be suitable for your bedroom interior, as bedroom is mainly for comfort and relaxation. Professional interior designers know these lighting hacks and therefore it is better to use their services, but one can make these changes themselves as well.

So, it is a good idea if you choose lights that will provide you with enough lighting but will also be soft and calm. So, if you agree with me, then you can definitely lighten up your bedroom space this 2020 with the 5 innovative and simple bedroom lighting hacks that I have talked about today.

I have myself gone for the portable reading lights and the ceiling fan light and find them to be really cool. What re your views on it?