Every IAS aspirants need some kind of inspiration while they are preparing for the UPSC exam. And what else can encourage and motivate them better than a good book? Books, for many decades, are considered the most loyal and truthful friends of human beings. 

IAS aspirants must read some good books apart from their textbooks to feel fresh. There are some best IAS coaching in Delhi  which can make IAS preparation interesting for its students.  

To keep the energy high until the final recruitment process—the Interview—of the UPSC exam, you need to read good books. You can also take IAS coaching in Delhi for the complete preparation at home.  

Daily study plans of aspirants can turn redundant after a few months and this monotony can kill the motivation. So, to avoid mundane, every IAS aspirants should take some break from their rigorous study schedule and read some offbeat books. 

So, we have brought for you some of the popular and the best inspirational books amongst the IAS aspirants.  

The Alchemist 

Author: Paulo Coelho 

Publishing date: 1988

Why read this book? 

Paulo’s book ‘The Alchemist’ has inspired millions of people around the world and helped them to discover their true passion. 

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Do you remember this famous quote from his book? The line has been used in SRK’s movie Om Shanti Om, a major blockbuster Bollywood film. 

If you are confused about your decisions or want to know how people achieve their goals in life then ‘The Alchemist’ is the must-read book. 

Santiago, a shepherd boy, is the protagonist of the book. The author, through Santiago’s life and struggle to find the treasure, covers the common issue we face while chasing our dreams. The philosophical take in the book doesn’t sound like a preaching but a natural and necessary thing for the smooth flow of the plot. 

Towards the last few pages of the book, you will be filled with positivity, self-belief, and confidence to achieve any goal in your life. 

The Monk who sold his Ferrari 

Author: Robin Sharma 

Publishing date: 1996

Why read this book? 

‘The Monk who sold his Ferrari’ is written by an Indian Author and motivational speaker, Robin Sharma. It is a fable about dreams and a fulfilled life. It doesn’t pursue you for becoming a monk rather helps you in discovering a meaningful life. 

It exposes you to the life of a monk who once was an ordinary man living happily with his family. 

This teaches you the importance of a disciplined life and how such life can lead you to happiness and success. Towards the end of the book, you will cry out of happiness because it is going to leave a powerful impact in your mind and life for several days or perhaps whole life. 

The Power of Positive Thinking 

Author: Norman Vincent Peale 

Publishing date: 1952

Why read this book? 

This book is highly recommended for inculcating positive thinking in IAS aspirants. Due to the hectic schedule and too many failure stories surrounding them, their minds get filled with negative thoughts and ideas.

Our brain is designed in a way that it always look for a comfort zone. If something is tough or seem difficult to do, our brains signal us to back out. People who train their brain and feed it with good thoughts succeed in their lives, while those who can’t lag. 

The book encourages the reader to stay positive by having control over the brain and not let it control you. 

Read them and stay motivated.